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Ferrari was founded in 1929 by Enzo Ferrari and the luxury sports car company is based in Maranello, Italy. Throughout the company’s long and established history, it has enjoyed great success in Formula One racing while Ferrari road cars are seen as a representation of wealth, luxury and style. Ferrari cars are defined by their high-end performance and sleek design and the brand is highly sought after by companies specializing in luxury car rental Orlando.
Ferrari is famous for its powerful sports cars that are often considered to be the best of the best in terms of speed, style and pure racing brawn. The combination of top technology and Ferrari’s trademark sexy designs ensure that Ferrari cars are desired by car enthusiasts all over the world.
The easily recognizable prancing horse badge features a prancing black stallion on a yellow shield, with the letters SF (for Scuderia Ferrari) and three stripes of green, white and red at the top of the badge that represent for the Italian flag. Ferrari cars are often known for their traditional blood-red hue while yellow, black and white are also popular colors in today’s modern world.
Luxury car fans will love driving a Ferrari as all of these exotic car rentals embody Ferrari’s class and panache coupled with unadulterated speed and power to provide drivers with the ultimate drive. The exterior of most Ferraris is crisp with the perfect blend of smooth and sharp lines to make drivers appreciate its beauty while enjoying its undeniable beastly qualities.
The interior of a Ferrari is plush and epitomizes elegance. Its graceful design usually features high quality leather and many Ferrari cars are custom made to specific specifications set out by the owner. Everyone from celebrities to business people are lured into the chic style of a Ferrari and it offers a sense of flair and sophistication as well as raw sex appeal.