Hummer H2


Characterized by it’s enormous size and very boxy design, the Hummer is easy to recognize and well known amongst sport utility vehicle enthusiasts and everyday consumers alike. Resembling a tank more than your typical luxury SUV, the exotic car rental has only been around for about a decade but has certainly left it’s mark on consumers.

Surprisingly, it’s Jeep, another popular SUV brand and what many consider to be the Hummer’s main competition, that is responsible for the creation of the Hummer. If it hadn’t been for the popularity of the Jeep, the company would have never expanded and split in to two different divisions: the Commercial products division that creates the Jeeps we see riding on the streets and the Government Products division that created the first Hummer for military use.

That division, now called AM General, was hired by the United States in the early 1970′s to create what they dubbed a “High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) which became known as the Humvee. Used as a light tactical vehicle by the military, the Humvee was put to use in combat during the Persian Gulf War. Because the vehicle was so popular amongst those in the military, the company decided to try it out on civilians.

Still, the first Hummer, called the H1, wasn’t released to the public until 1992. Boasting a military-based engine, a distinctive body style and several luxurious amenities, the Hummer quickly became popular amongst consumers who craved respect and a reputation. And as the years go by the Hummer has evolved from a no-frills military vehicle to a luxurious SUV’s with all the extravagant amenities of home.