Jaguar XK


Originally founded as the Swallow Sidecar Company (also known as SS Cars) in 1922, Jaguars are known for elegant styling and sporty performance. The first vehicles manufactured in the United Kingdom, the company started out producing aluminum motor sidecars before switching over to automobiles in 1933. The luxury car rental was very popular amongst the British upper class when it was first released. The first official Jaguar car, called the SS Jaguar, was launched in 1935. After World War II the company changed it’s name to Jaguar in order to avoid being associated with Nazi organizations.

Staying ahead of the competition, Jaguar was known for producing cars that were far beyond the time. In 1948 they unleashed the XK120, the fastest production automobile of the time. Featuring a very powerful engine, the exotic car rental became the base model for other Jaguars to come. When the company moved across seas to the United States in the early 1950′s, they brought with them the Mark VII Saloon, which was widely praised amongst wealthy American consumers.

But the best was yet to come. The brand really became popular during the 1960′s, when the XK-E was released. A combination of refined style and raw performance, the Jaguar car rental was driven by superstars like the Rolling Stones, the Beatles and British fashion model Twiggy.

As other luxury car manufacturers emerged, Jaguar had a difficult time keeping up so the company was sold to Ford in 1990. It has since changed hands several times but is currently owned by Tata, an Indian car manufacturer. And, while the vehicles produced by the company still reflect the original English style and old world luxury that Jaguar is all about, new technology is helping to make Jaguars the luxury sports rental cars of the future.