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Founded by Karl Benz, Mercedes Benz is a German car manufacturer renowned for crafting distinctive automobiles that combine luxury and refinement. Known for creating trends in the auto industry rather than simply following them, Mercedes Benz has a long history in car manufacturing and currently boasts some of the most luxurious, yet drivable, cars on the road.

It was 1886 when Karl Benz created the world’s very first automobile. Soon after Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach worked together to release a four-wheeled vehicle powered by the famous Daimler engine. It was this technology that led to the release of the first Mercedes car rental in 1901.

After Daimler and Benz merged in 1926, the official Mercedes Benz brand was born. Introduced in 1931, the 170 was the world’s first production car that included a four-wheel independent suspension, a feature that had never been seen before that day. Featuring the famous Mercedes Benz logo, a three-pointed star created by Daimler to signify that his engines were used in vehicles that traveled on land, in air and in the sea, the 170 sold quickly amongst wealthy consumer.

As the years went by, Mercedes Benz vehicles became known for impressive safety features. Developed to absorb impact should there be a crash, the brand spearheaded the crumple zone body design, which has prevented several injuries and even death. When the company realized they needed to focus more on speedy vehicles, they released the 300 SEL 6.3, a full sized exotic car rental that was the fastest luxury automobile of the time.

Mercedes Benz currently has several different lines available and offers sedans, couples, SUV’s and roadster. Developing new technology every year, the company produces the luxury car rental to see and be seen in and releases several new versions and models each year, which always keeps consumers coming back for more.